What happens to your digital data when you die?

SMH (Money): Ever wondered what happens to your iTunes songs or Kindle books when you die? Don't assume these digital assets can be passed on to your children. As we strive for paperless offices and rely on cloud storage, so many personal assets and financial details have been pushed into cyberspace. Virtual goods, while easily purchased online, are not so easily managed after death. What many may have overlooked in the rush to purchase the latest ebook or digital music album, is that digital content purchased from sites such as iTunes and Amazon do not remain in their possession after death and cannot be transferred to others. Although they may have paid for the content, they do not own it and are merely leasing it until they die. Rachael Grabovic, wills and estate specialist at RigbyCooke Lawyers, says technology is moving fast and estate law regulating digital … [Read More...]

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