You have to ‘hand’ it to Apple

Hot on the heals of the ‘wearable’  iPod nano (reported in TechTalk a couple of months ago), here comes the  Apple ‘handphone’.

Well, a mockup at least… and a slightly creepy one at that!

Designed by Federico Ciccarese, who has created many iPhone and Apple product design mockups in the past, this curved-glass iOS device is said to be in development.

In August 2011, Apple made a case for a wearable, Bluetooth 4.0-powered iPod nano….so the concept is not totally new, but this design takes it to a new level – with all the functions of an iPhone available on your hand.

In December, The New York Times reported a small group of people at Apple had been “conceptualising, and even prototyping ,some wearable devices.” 

One concept described in the report was a “curved-glass iPhone that would wrap around the wrist.”

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  1. Tony Wilson says:

    I would be willing to try this device, but I do wonder how it will feel on the back of your hand on a hot sticky summers day